Ratings 1xbet

Name: 1xBet

  • Betting Markets - 9.4/10
  • Odds - 9.4/10
  • Live Betting - 9/10
  • Reliability - 4.9/10
  • Payment Methods - 9.4/10
  • Withdrawal Speed - 9.3/10
  • Customer Support - 8.2/10
  • Bonuses / Promotions - 9.4/10
  • Mobile - 9/10
  • Website - 8.9/10

Rating global

The rating is compiled based on feedback from visitors, taking into account their winnings, experience of communication with support, and winnings withdrawal. It is also reviewed by our specialists, and that’s why may differ greatly from the rest of the ratings on the Internet.


There is a broad array of customer support options which are all around-the-clock

The great system of bonuses, promotions and special offers (the guaranteed welcoming bonus for all the newbies)

2000+ casino games available

Live streaming and live betting options

1xBet is licensed and completely secure

Application for Android, iOS and Windows

There is also a mobile-friendly version of the website

Quick deposit payment

Instant withdrawals

Easy-to-navigate and attractive design

30+ available languages

A huge variety of sports markets from football to cricket

4 mediums of logging

One-click betting option

The highest odds on the market


There is no Responsible Gambling feature

VIP cashback is in place for casino games only

In case with bank transfers, withdrawals can take up to one week

Sports betting is the world’s top entertainment that brings people together regardless of their skin color, religion or any other characteristic. While playing and wanting to win, you definitely want to cooperate with an honest partner who will find it necessary to settle accounts with the client if he wins by doing it quickly and without delay; also important are convenient methods of replenishment, cool painting, the convenience of the site and an accessible support service in case of emergencies. That is why bettors from Nepal should pay attention to the 1xbet bookmaker, a major international player in the betting market.

1xBet Review

Since 1xbet has its own local Nepali version not so long ago, it’s worth starting with getting to know it – perhaps for some of the bettors, its existence will be news.

Who is behind it

1xbet as a company originates from Russia, where it was founded back in 2007. At first, the bookmaker positioned itself as a network of ground branches, covering mainly the countries of Eastern Europe. Over time, the business has grown, and now the administration has created dozens of local language versions, including the Nepali proper. Given that you can bet and win online, you can use the 1xbet offer even in the Nepali hinterland.

At the same time, the license for the company’s gambling business was issued by the island state of Curacao. If suddenly you have no idea where it is, do not worry – this is simply the most convenient point for registering a gambling business, where almost all the world’s leading bookmakers and online casinos are formally listed.

Design And Usability

The 1xbet website is not difficult to recognize thanks to the actively used corporate colors – a combination of mainly white with shades of blue and blue, where green inserts are occasionally interspersed. Such a design is pleasant for the user, it does not get tired and allows you to quickly find all the necessary controls.

The structure of the home page is generally very similar to most other bookmaker pages. The header contains the most important things, such as registration and login buttons, a payment menu, statistics or downloading mobile software, and just below there are buttons for switching to live and line painting, casino and e-sports. The left column allows you to find any match of interest in the list, starting from the sequential choice of a sport, country or organizing federation and tournament. In the top center, first, the cards of the current offers are shown, then the block of the most interesting live matches, followed by the same block for the line, and at the very bottom – the express bets of the day with an additional bonus included (additional odds of 1.1). The right block is occupied only with the bet coupon and the most juicy offers below it.


If you think about it, 1xbet does not need any special introduction – it has millions of users all over the world, and it’s even a little strange that some of the avid bettors might not have heard of this office. This already says a lot – in the days of the Internet, which provides an opportunity to leave negative comments and learn about someone else’s negative experience, it would be rather strange if an unscrupulous bookmaker was still afloat. Moreover, clients on thematic sites usually give 1xbet good ratings and write friendly reviews.

1xBet Registration Process

When claiming real winnings, you should start by opening your own account in the bookmaker’s system. Please note: the less information you provide about yourself during 1xbet registration, the more it will have to be added later, during the filling out of the questionnaire, because without this the bookmaker is unlikely to allow you to withdraw money into real.


This is a great option for those who want to immediately break into the world of excitement. The newbie is not required to enter any data – just select your country and the currency of the game account, as well as familiarize yourself with the user agreement (many skip this moment and just tick the appropriate box). Click the “Register” button – and you’re done.

The registration principle is similar to the one described above, but now you will also have to indicate your mobile phone number and enter the code that will come to it.

By E-Mail

This registration option is good because the bookmaker in the future is unlikely to ask you for any additional data – you already tell everything that is necessary about yourself. The list of information provided includes not only the country with the currency, but also the region with the city of residence, contacts (phone and email), real name and surname with the details of the document that confirms your identity. This registration method assumes that you yourself will come up with a password.

Via Social Networks and Messengers

Despite the fact that most of the available options in the list of social networks and messengers are not popular outside the post-Soviet space, the list includes Telegram, which is rapidly gaining popularity around the world, or maybe you use some other of the services presented. Select the one in which you have an account and confirm that you agree to use the details of this account to register in the 1xbet system. Among other things, it remains to indicate only the country and currency of the account.

Account Verification

We hope that when registering, you did not guess to indicate fictitious data about yourself – since 1xbet is considered a self-respecting bookmaker, its administration is not lazy to check information about customers using their documents. Even if you provided all the necessary information about yourself during registration, be prepared to prove its relevance with photographs or scanned copies of documents. However, you should start by making sure that there are no empty spaces left in the questionnaire – check this in your personal account on the bookmaker’s website.

Required Documents

1xbet wants to access several of your documents at once, which contain different information about the player. For example, first you need to verify your identity, and for this you should use:

  • National ID card;
  • Passport;
  • Driving license;
  • Provisional license;
  • Voter’s card;
  • Armed forces ID card.
  • In addition to the name and surname, 1xbet will want to know that you have not cheated about your address – to prove your truthfulness, you have sent a photo or scanned copies:
  • Household utility bill;
  • Bank, building society or credit card statement;
  • Local authority tax bill;
  • Solicitor’s letter.

All documents in the form of a card are photographed on both sides. The documents must clearly show what they confirm – the name, address, and so on must be readable. If the paper contains your photograph, it should also be visible clearly and without glare.

Betting on 1xBet

In an effort to cover the range of interests of potential clientele as wide as possible, 1xbet offers to bet on the widest possible range of various sports (and not only) events.

Betting options

Bettors can choose from almost three dozen different disciplines, which include not only classic sports, but also bets on such non-trivial things as politics or the weather at a particular point in time. In addition to the timeless classics, which include sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball and table tennis, there are much less well-known options, such as horse racing and dog racing, pesapallo and squash, surfing and water polo. In addition, you can also bet on TV games (an analogue of a TV game), e-sports events and virtual sports – in a word, even in live mode something is constantly happening here.

Bet Types

1xbet invites everyone to take risks in the most interesting and profitable way for them. The rich list allows you to choose the victory conditions in such a way as to emerge as the winner in any match – even where the winner is known to everyone in advance, so it makes no sense to bet on him due to the frivolous coefficient. Instead, in football, for example, you can bet on the total number of goals scored, their distribution over time intervals, as well as on statistical indicators, such as the number of corners taken or yellow cards received, both on two teams in total, and on some one separately. There are also very subtle bets, such as whether a particular player will directly participate in the match, whether he will be able to score a goal, whether he will be replaced.

In addition, you can bet both on the single and on the express. The essence of a bet on a single is extremely simple – you choose only one victory condition (with one predetermined odds), and if this condition is met, you get your winnings multiplied by the agreed odds. Express works differently – there you combine several victory conditions, each of which initially had its own coefficient. The ingredients for success can relate to different matches and even different sports, and the matches themselves can even take place on different days. The victory condition is simple, but difficult to achieve – everything that you added to the coupon must come true, without a single exception. Thanks to the ability to guess such a coincidence of circumstances, you get a win according to the coefficient, which is the multiplied coefficients of each victory condition – this is how experienced bettors take a real jackpot from small bets.

1xbet also has an offer known as the “Multiplier of the Day”. The principle here is approximately the same as for a regular express, only the coupons have already been formed – they include specific bets, each with a fairly high coefficient, and in addition, a bonus coefficient of 1.1 is indicated, which is considered deserved if all other conditions are met. The matches for the express of the day are selected in such a way as to approximately overlap in time and keep the player in maximum tension.

Finally, bets are available in two modes – pre match and live. The first allows the player to place a bet at any time before the start of the match, provided that a specific game has already been added to the list on the site – the bookmaker usually does not add a game to the list for more than a couple of rounds ahead of the tournament. This is an excellent option for those who want to think well, analyze the current situation with their opponents and make a verified bet with a high probability of winning, albeit in the future. “Live” is based on completely opposite principles – such a bet is made directly during the match, when events change literally every second, and you can win or guarantee to lose literally in the next few minutes. Live allows you to bet, starting not from the abstract statistics of previous meetings, but directly from the picture of this match, but it is important to seize the moment while the odds are hot, and the goal (or lack thereof) needed to win has not yet happened.

Odds and Limits

In pursuit of the maximum winnings, some bettors are ready to charge everything they have, and 1xbet goes a lot towards your luck, allowing you to place a bet with many zeros after the significant number. At the same time, there is no clear upper limit for the rate in the system – it all depends on the specific match you are betting on.

As for the minimum bet size, it is also thought out in such a way that the client has no reason to complain. You have quite a bit of free money, but you still want to try your own luck and directly participate in an interesting match? This will not be a problem if there is at least 50 Nairas – this is the limit set by the 1xbet administration for the minimum bet.

How to Place Bets

Thanks to 1xbet, you can place a bet on your favorite sporting event in just a couple of clicks – this will take a few seconds and allow you to immediately take part in a match that is about to start, or has already begun, and demonstrates the rapid development of events.

Choose Your Favorite Event or Events

It’s worth starting with deciding what we are betting on. The administration of 1xbet deliberately puts the most interesting events in plain sight so that you simply cannot pass by. For example, the section “Offers”, on the right side of the main page (under the bet coupon) shows the nearest top matches, and immediately with the bets on the victory of each of the teams. There are also a lot of interesting things in the central section – under the current promotions and offers there is a “Live” block, and even lower there is a “Line”, where you can see cards of the most interesting matches, respectively, which have already begun and those that will begin soon. In these sections, the cards are convenient because the odds are displayed not only for the victory of each team, but also for a draw, double outcome and total over / under.

All these coefficients are not just for information, they are clickable and allow you to send your win condition to the coupon with one click. If you want to bet on some more specific event (for example, “3: 1 in favor of team 1”, “team 1 will win by 2 goals” or “Cristiano Ronaldo will score, but Juventus will lose”), just click on the name of the match – and you will see a detailed list with dozens and even hundreds of bet options.

If an event of interest to you is not classified by the administration as top-notch, or it simply does not take place so soon to bring it to the main page, then you will have to look for it through the left block of the main one. Start by choosing a sport – for example, choosing Football. Below you will see a list of tournaments by country or host federation – select, for example, “FIFA World Cup 2022”. A list of scheduled matches with a prepared list will appear – and you just have to click on any of them to see the full list with outcomes and double outcomes, totals and handicaps, as well as other offers. Just click on the coefficient you like, if you believe in the reality of its description, and it will be added to the coupon. If you want to bet on a single, go to the next step, but if it is an express, by analogy look for the second, third and next conditions for winning in order to add them to the coupon in the same way, where their coefficients will be summed up.

Enter the Amount You Want to Wager

A typical player in the 1xbet system will have two accounts – the main one and the bonus one. The first depends only on your replenishment and winnings, while the second will receive rewards from the bookmaker for participating in various promotions, and the funds on it will not always be found. However, if you have a sufficient amount of money both there and there, in the bet coupon block you must first choose where to get the funds for the bet – and the winnings will come to the same account if successful.

Place your bet

Before making a final bet, double-check whether everything is correct in the coupon – in a hurry, a player may accidentally bet on the wrong match, or charge money for the victory of a team that actually predicts a defeat. Make sure that you have added the correct win condition from the desired match, and that the express, if you bet on the express, consists of all the events you are interested in, and does not contain anything superfluous.

When you are convinced that everything is in order with all the events in the coupon, and the account for withdrawing money is also correct, enter the amount you are ready to bet. Below the field for entering the amount, the estimated winning amount will be immediately displayed – the result of multiplying the bet by the coupon coefficient. If everything is correct, click the “Place a Bet” button and wait for the results of the match!

Depositing Money on 1xBet Nepal

To win real money, you should start by making a deposit, because real money can only be won by placing bets made with real money.

How To Fund an Account

The procedure for replenishing an account at 1xbet is extremely simple – open the bookmaker’s website, login and pay attention to the header of any resource page. On the left side of it, you will see a blue button with a dollar sign drawn on it – and you need to click on it. A page will open with a list of all available deposit methods – select the one that is most convenient for you and follow the instructions of the system.

Each method assumes its own terms of replenishment, written under the card for each individual method. The minimum deposit, according to the conditions of 1xbet, is 360 Naira – you simply cannot deposit an amount less than this. The bookmaker itself does not charge any commission for crediting funds, and payment systems usually do the same. In most cases, the expected timeline for funds to be credited to a gaming account is described as “immediate crediting”, although in reality, of course, you will have to wait up to several minutes.

Payment Options for Deposit

For Nepali players, 1xbet has provided 40 different ways to fund an account, which means that at least one of them is guaranteed to be convenient for you personally. Briefly, the list of these methods looks like this:

  • bank cards – Visa and MasterCard, any banks in Nepal and the world;
  • through electronic wallets – Skrill, Opay Wallet;
  • cash at points of replenishment;
  • through payment systems – ecoPayz, Neteller;
  • prepaid PaySafeCard;
  • bank transfers;
  • using USSD codes;
  • cryptocurrencies – 29 different options, including such super popular as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero and others.

How to Withdraw from 1xBet

If any registered player can replenish the gaming account in the 1xbet system, then only the owner of the verified account has the right to withdraw the winnings – above we have considered how to verify their identity and address of residence. If there are no problems with verification, but there are won funds, you can proceed to their withdrawal.

How to Withdraw the Winnings

The principle of withdrawal is very similar to the scheme for replenishing an account – after logging into the 1xbet website, you just need to click the button in the upper right with a dollar sign. After that, the methods of replenishing the account will be shown, but at the top of the page you need to switch to the “Withdraw” tab, and you must choose where you will withdraw funds, followed by specifying the details.

As in the case of replenishing the account, each card of the withdrawal method gives the user an idea of ​​the conditions for receiving money in real life – for example, it describes the minimum withdrawal amount for this method and the waiting time. Although the system commission is not charged in this case, it is better not to count on instant transactions – for many methods, the waiting time is indicated at 15 minutes, and money can be credited to a bank card in a minute or in 7 days. In the latter case, a lot depends on which bank your card is and what its policy is for processing such transactions.

Payment Methods for Withdrawal

One could say that the methods of withdrawing money from the Nepali version of 1xbet are identical to the methods of depositing, but in fact this is not the case – you can already withdraw money in 68 different ways. We will not list all of them, because more than half of them really duplicate methods of replenishment. The increase in the number is achieved thanks to Internet banking (9 major Nepali banks, including Providus and Polaris), bank transfer (22 options, including Access Bank, Sterling Bank, Zenith Bank and others) and the Interswitch e-voucher.

1xBet Live

For a player who doesn’t just place bets from time to time, but really chases the adrenaline rush, it is extremely important to bet directly in the midst of the game – and 1xbet gives him that opportunity!

Live betting

The principle of how a bet is placed was described above, but now we will once again focus on the selection of Live events. The most striking events are deliberately placed by the administration in the very center of the main page – from there, you can place a bet on an outcome, double outcome or handicap in one click, or open a more detailed list by clicking on the name of the event. You can filter the events in this window by sport using the switch located at the top of the block; Another way to search for a match of interest is through the left menu (the online events tab is collapsed by default) or at the top by selecting the “1xbet Live” drop-down menu from the header.

Live Streaming

It is a little easier to predict further developments in the game when at least you can see what is happening on the playing field right now. 1xbet does not have the right to broadcast top tournaments, like the Champions League, however, with friendly matches or competitions of a more modest scale, the situation is easier. In other words, you no longer need a TV to join the game – you can watch it using the website or mobile application.

If you, in principle, are a supporter of betting on anything, but at the same time watching the broadcast, in the upper left part of the “Live” block located in the center of the main page, select the inscription “Live” in the background of the drawn display to show only those games for which the broadcast is provided. Proceeding to the detailed list of the match, in the upper right, click on the button with the image of the same display, but already without inscriptions. A compact broadcast that opens in a small part of the page can be switched to full-screen mode.

1xBet App

Today, many people do not want to be tied to a desktop computer, when smartphones and tablets have already reached the capabilities of a PC in terms of capabilities. 1xbet supports this trend and allows you not to use a browser at all.

Mobile App

You can even find the 1xbet mobile application using the bookmaker’s website by finding a button with a smartphone on the left side of the header. You can download the application for Android and iOS by clicking on the buttons on the page that opens, which are literally signed. To download for iOS, the button will redirect to the official iTunes app store, but the Play Market does not have the application due to Google’s gambling content policy, so the download will take place directly, without redirects. Given the “unofficial” origin of the application, the phone may “swear”, but do not pay attention, but just let the device install software from unknown sources.

In terms of functionality and convenience, 1xbet mobile app is in no way inferior to the full-fledged version of the site, and even surpass it – in the sense that a running browser with an open tab can consume even more resources.

PC Application

The leftmost button in the header of the site is marked with a monitor icon – it takes you to the office page, which allows you to download an application for your computer. The functionality will not suffer from this, especially since such a program is noticeably lighter than the browser, and is less likely to slow down on the old hardware. Although for Nepal, where 1xbet app works absolutely legally, this is irrelevant, a separate software for PC is also good because it allows you to bypass blocking.

1xBet Mobile Site

The Nepal version of 1xbet does not have a separate mobile site or subdomain, but this is not a problem for those who have nowhere to install an extra separate 1xbet mobi application. If you want to use the bookmaker’s website through a mobile phone browser, do so without any extra effort – the page adjusts to the size of your display and displays all the information so that you do not have to specifically enlarge the display. Since this is the main version of the home page, you can be sure that full functionality has been met and that you remain mobile while keeping your special interest in matches.

1xBet Promo Codes and Bonuses

In an effort to constantly keep the excitement of users at the highest possible level, the administration has developed large-scale 1xbet promo codes, by participating in which you can win even more real money.

Bonus Offers

There are a lot of bonus offers at 1xbet and they are regularly updated. There are interesting options for clients of any category – you can bet with additional benefit on the Champions League, virtual sports, Formula 1, and much more. There are proposals for both regular customers and beginners.

Of course, special attention is drawn to the welcome bonus of 200% on the first deposit – up to 100 thousand nairas. Its amount does not have to be some kind of sky-high – it is enough to deposit 400 Naira at the first replenishment, before making sure that your profile is filled out completely, and there are no empty fields in it. In addition, in your personal account, you must put a tick in front of the option “Take part in the drawing of bonuses”.


The “Promo” section is very similar in meaning to bonuses, but the meaning of the draws is structured slightly differently. There may not be a guaranteed win or a bonus here – instead, you, for example, compete with other participants for the main jackpot, simultaneously placing bets on any matches you are interested in as a prerequisite for participation, and having the opportunity to win more there. It is important to carefully read the rules of each promotion and follow them with maximum accuracy – then it turns out that you spent your time not only interesting, but also with double the benefit!

How to Use 1xBet Bonus

Most new users, having received a first deposit bonus and some other types of bonuses, are surprised to notice that they do not have complete freedom to manage this money. To understand why this is happening, you should carefully read the rules of the bonus program, but we will consider the situation using the example of the same welcome bonus.

1xbet Bonus Terms and Conditions

The first thing you need to pay attention to is that the accrued bonus is valid for exactly 30 days from the date of accrual, and then it burns out, moreover, together with the winnings that you may have earned at its expense. However, it is simply impossible to withdraw it at this time – it will be present only on the bonus account, and will be available only in order to place bets. This will be the case until you fulfill the wagering requirements.

The full bonus amount (200% for the first deposit) is divided into two tranches (100% for the first deposit). One half must be won back in five times (place bets with a total amount of five times the bonus amount) on sporting events, but only by express trains of three or more events with a coefficient of 1.4 for each component. The other half must be wagered in thirtyfold in 1xGames games, except for a few exceptions, which it is better to clarify directly on the site – the bookmaker sometimes changes their list.

There are a few subtleties that can leave you without a bonus at all. First of all, it can be received only once, and not only for one name, but also for one address. If the first deposit was made with cryptocurrencies, the bonus is not available to the player. You cannot combine bonus offers and promotions. It is unacceptable to try to cheat 1xbet in any way – if you are caught doing this, you will be left not only without a bonus, but also without an account.

The wagering requirements are considered fulfilled only if all bets made by you from the bonus account were calculated within the mentioned 30 days from the date of accrual. If you manage to get a profit, you won’t be able to withdraw more than the initial bonus amount. If, as a result of successful wagering, there is so little money left on the bonus account that there is not enough money for the minimum bet, 1xbet will not pay you these pennies.

1xBet Online Casino

As befits a modern online gambling entertainment provider, 1xbet is not only a bookmaker, but also a virtual casino.

Casino Games

The range of 1xbet casino games includes hundreds and thousands of different games from dozens of recognized providers such as NetEnt, MicroGaming and many others. You can literally get lost in the variety of gambling entertainment, but on the left side of the screen, the administration has offered convenient filters that allow you to separate poker or baccarat, blackjack or roulette, bingo or keno and much more. If you are only interested in the most popular or newest games, this way the filter can also be customized. Knowing the exact name of the entertainment you are interested in, you can simply enter it in the search field at the top of the page, and get instant access to vivid emotions.

Live Casino

For those players who want to feel the atmosphere of a real casino with a live dealer without leaving their home, there is a live casino option. At 1xbet, it is implemented as follows: you watch the broadcast with a beautiful presenter who sees all your actions and reacts to them properly. Everything happens exactly as it could in reality, only between the player and the croupier is the monitor glass, and the user performs all actions with the help of clicks, clicks and taps.

As in the case of a regular virtual casino, the visitor can choose from a huge variety of poker and baccarat, roulette and blackjack, various lotto and other similar fun. Most of the croupiers broadcast in English, so the player from Nepal will not lose track of what is happening.

1xBet’s Casino Loyalty Program

The more you play at 1xbet casino, the more profitable it becomes – this is another reason why this gambling establishment has so many loyal fans!

VIP Levels

The bottom line is this: immediately after registration, the user receives a copper status, and thanks to him he can return 5% of everything that he loses in order to get a second chance. For each bet made, he will receive points – and the more they have, the higher the status becomes.

Here are the statuses, in addition to copper, there are:

  • bronze (from 300 thousand points) – 6% cashback;
  • silver (1 million points) – 7%;
  • gold (2 million) – 8%;
  • ruby (5 million) – 9%;
  • sapphire (15 million) – 10%;
  • brilliant (25 million) – 11%;
  • VIP (75 million) – cashback becomes variable.
  • Thus, the loyalty program was created in order not to lose a client who has lost everything and no longer wants to replenish the account.

Customer Service

In case of emergencies, the support service of the Nepali 1xbet is open 24/7, and you can contact it in a variety of different ways – via Facebook and Twitter or live chat directly on the website or in the application. You can also write to e-mail, call or order a call back. The fastest answer will be if you are ready to call yourself – for this, dial 000 800 050-15-83.

In case the user wants to fix the exact time of contacting the support service, needs an official response or a documented reaction from the bookmaker, it is more logical to write to the email – [email protected]

Pros and Cons of 1xBet Nepal

Since the gambling market in Nepal is far from limited to just 1xbet, it is probably worth figuring out how it is better or worse than the competition. It is not necessary to draw conclusions, trying everything yourself – you can find out in advance the opinion of other clients about the office, because we have collected their opinions from thematic forums especially for you.

Of course, 1xbet Nepal is more often praised. Among other things, such important advantages are distinguished:

  • a huge variety of ways to fund an account, targeted specifically at the Nepali user;
  • the bookmaker’s mobile apps can be viewed as a model for most competing bookmakers;
  • the bonus program is comprehensive in nature – it is almost impossible to find such a bettor or casino lover who would not be affected by any offer;
  • the list allows you to bet and win even on those matches that other bookmakers simply do not have in pre match and live;
  • the margin is loyal to customers – for example, at top football matches, it does not exceed a modest 2.4%.

As for the shortcomings, it is more difficult to find them – some clients sometimes complain about the office, but these dissatisfied people get lost in the general mass, positively minded. Of the things that really would be worth improving, let us highlight only the absence of a VIP program for the sports part of the company – it could be implemented by analogy with the one that works in an online casino.

Safety and Reliability

By investing money in the bookmaker and providing him with his data, including real documents, the user has the right to know how carefully the bookmaker treats the fulfillment of its obligations. 1xbet, as a reliable partner with an international reputation, uses high-quality encryption to protect communication channels with bettors – which is why a third party will never gain access to either your personal data or your money. Security is provided by the same technologies used by the largest banks, and partnership with top financial institutions is the best confirmation of this.

For its part, the bookmaker is also not interested in cheating or deceiving the clientele – this is not why a good reputation has been won over the years. Numerous positive 1xbet reviews about bookmaker offices and a multi-million dollar army of customers all over the world clearly show that 1xbet is an honest and reliable partner.

Licensing Information Globally, 1xbet operates under a Curacao license, but such a permission to operate could cast doubt on the legality of the office specifically in Nepal. Wishing to enter the Nepali market, the administration turned to local regulatory authorities, and in 2019 received a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Nepal. Since then, 1xbet is represented in Nepal entirely legally, and cannot be considered a violation of any local laws, provided it is honestly doing business.


The client cannot replenish the bonus account – only the funds received as bonus payments go there. As a rule, it is also impossible to withdraw them initially, as a rule, only to bet, and this will remain so until the bonus burns out or the wagering requirements are met. The latter may differ depending on which bonus program you received funds, therefore carefully read the rules of all promotions in which you participate.

You can indicate your correct phone number both when registering at 1xbet, and later, if you initially chose to register in one click – for this, go to your personal account and enter the current number in your data. They won’t believe you at the word 1xbet, so you must be ready to receive an SMS with a confirmation code and immediately enter it in a special field.

Top live and pre match events (only those that will happen in the near future) are placed in the central block of the main page, less significant matches can be found using the left column of the site, sequentially choosing the type of sport, tournament and match. By clicking on the name of the event, you will open a page with a detailed list, where the odds will be written opposite each victory condition. By clicking on the odds, you add them to the coupon, after which you must indicate the amount of the bet and confirm its placement.

To use the bonus as fully as possible with your own money, you must fulfill the wagering requirements – that is, wager this money several times in compliance with the conditions of the bonus program. For example, wagering a welcome bonus involves putting half of the amount on sports parlay bets from 3 events five times at odds of 1.4 for each, and the other half must be won back in thirty times the amount on slots. The time for performing such an operation is limited – if the conditions are not met within 30 days, the bonus money will expire.

The bookmaker offers Nigerian users 68 different ways of exactly how to withdraw money from the system – among the options there are classic transfers to a card, and replenishment of cryptocurrency wallets, and various electronic payment systems. Log in to the 1xbet website and find the button with the dollar sign at the top of the site. By clicking on it, you will be taken to a page with ways to replenish your account, but by switching the tab at the top, you can choose one of the withdrawal methods.

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